Steps To Take During A Shooting

1. Try to avoid high-risk places. Obviously, you can’t predict where such a thing will happen, but schools and malls are target areas.
Crowded places. In large mobs, it is easy for a killer to score dozens of kills with an automatic without specifically aiming at certain people. Sometimes because of the noise, the gunshots may not be audible. The good news is that the people will form a human shield, and security is more likely to be present.
Uncrowded places. Here, the people you are with are less likely to be killers or security. But, if someone does start shooting you’re in trouble because you have no human shield and the killer is more likely to turn their attention on you. Crowded and uncrowded places have their own advantages and disadvantages.

2. Seek solid cover. Try to find cover close by that is bulletproof and you can’t be seen there. Also, be sure the killer won’t go there to check.

3. Call the police. The people around the shooter probably ran and did not have time to call, and people who hear the gunshots from far away probably don’t know what is happening. Tell the police how many perpetrators there are, their armaments, and how many people are wounded.

4. As tempting as it may be,DO NOT take off running like a chicken with its head cut off!Soldiers tend to run a distance,seek shelter,survey their surroundings then,decide their next move.Running routes are easy for the shooter to figure out,if you aren’t rational.

5. Help wounded people. When it is safe . There are always a lot of these; people that got shot in a non-lethal but nonetheless painful spot will need help. Assess their condition and refer them to the paramedics when they come. Be prepared for some blood.

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