Monthly Archive: January 2014

Steps To Take During A Shooting

1. Try to avoid high-risk places. Obviously, you can’t predict where such a thing will happen, but schools and malls are target areas. Crowded places. In large mobs, it is easy for a killer to score dozens of kills with an automatic without specifically aiming at certain people. Sometimes because[…]

What Is Criptaedo?

In this video, Paul  explains what Criptaedo is and what we are currently doing. As well as what Criptaedo’s future has in plan with speaking and Criptaedo gyms. Be sure to check out all of our site links!!  

Bus Stop Safety Video

In this video, Paul is out on location! We are at a few different types of bus stop locations show YOU how to check your surroundings to make sure that you can be safe while waiting for the bus to arrive.    

The Self-Defense Revolution – New Mobility

I reached one of my goals yesterday. New Mobility Magazine wrote a story about Criptaedo. from Criptaedo Self-defense and Fitness for the disabled

3E Love’s Wheelchair Heart (Vote For Paul)

Go to the page, ( ) like it and then go to the square that says “essay contest” click it then look for my name then click “vote” which is located next to the essay

Upper Body Workout

In this video, Paul demonstrates upper body workouts in the chest and arm regions. Push ups, chair ups, hand grips, and isometrics, are all put into excplaination and different ways that you can put them to use. Ever heard of the perfect push up? Paul also demonstrates that handy little[…]

How to prevent frost bite

Frostbite can be prevented. Here are tips to help you stay safe and warm. 1: Limit time you’re outdoors in cold, wet or windy weather. Pay attention to weather forecasts and wind chill readings. In very cold, windy weather, exposed skin can develop frostbite in a matter of minutes. 2:[…]

Bully Crutch Defense

In this video, Paul and his instructor Tony show you a few different ways that you can defend people while standing on your crutches. These include defending one hand pushes, and double push attack and how you can defend that one by quickly removing the crutch from your arm.