• Board Break – 2nd Degree Black Belt Promotion

    Paul recently promoted to a 2nd Degree Black Belt. One of the requirements is that he had to break 5 boards in 8 seconds or less. He did it!…

  • What Is Criptaedo?

    In this video, Paul  explains what Criptaedo is and what we are currently doing. As well as what Criptaedo’s future has in plan with speaking and Criptaedo gyms. Be…

  • Bus Stop Safety Video

    In this video, Paul is out on location! We are at a few different types of bus stop locations show YOU how to check your surroundings to make sure that you can be safe wh…

  • Upper Body Workout

    In this video, Paul demonstrates upper body workouts in the chest and arm regions. Push ups, chair ups, hand grips, and isometrics, are all put into excplaination and dif…

  • Bully Crutch Defense

    In this video, Paul and his instructor Tony show you a few different ways that you can defend people while standing on your crutches. These include defending one hand pus…

  • December Updates

    In this video, Paul, Jaret and Tony talk about some big changes for Criptaedo. We are pleased to announce: Criptaedo is now incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization. This…

  • Important Message

    We’d like to take a second to walk you through a few recent changes to Facebook that and how you can stay a follower of Criptaedo. We’d also highly encourage …

  • Black Belt Promotion

    On February 16, 2013, Paul tested and earned the rank of Black Belt.  He became the first person born with a disability to earn a Black Belt from “The Art of Karate…

  • Hand Conditioning Part 4

    This video is part 4 on our series on Hand Conditioning. You can view the previous parts here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3…

  • Hand Conditioning Part 3

    This video is part 3 on our series on Hand Conditioning. You can view the previous parts here: Part 1 Part 2  …

  • Hand Conditioning Part 2

    This video is part 4 on our series on Hand Conditioning. You can view the previous parts here: Part 1…

  • Hand Conditioning Part 1

    This video is part 1 on our series on Hand Conditioning. This video will show you how to begin conditioning your hands.…

Recent Videos

Board Break

Board Break

Just a quick board break video 😉  

Punching Styles

Punching Styles

Paul & Brandon show you different styles of puches and blocks.  

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.58.18 PM

Preventing Attacks

I this video, Paul explains what you Can do while outside to prevent people from attacking you. Examples would be around bus stops, coming out of stores, and coming around the corners  buildings.  

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Criptaedo is raising money to get our tax exempt status. What that means is that if we can raise the necessary funds we will be able to make Criptaedo a reality. We envision Criptaedo as being a place(s) where the disabled community can come to learn self defense, personal fitness,[…]

Steps To Take During A Shooting

1. Try to avoid high-risk places. Obviously, you can’t predict where such a thing will happen, but schools and malls are target areas. Crowded places. In large mobs, it is easy for a killer to score dozens of kills with an automatic without specifically aiming at certain people. Sometimes because[…]

The Self-Defense Revolution – New Mobility

I reached one of my goals yesterday. New Mobility Magazine wrote a story about Criptaedo. from Criptaedo Self-defense and Fitness for the disabled